Maritime/Jones Act

Maritime/Jones Act

As enjoyable as a life at sea can be, the potential dangers are great as well. Accidents on ships and boats are unfortunately a hazard of working in the maritime industry and sadly all too common.

If you've been recently injured in a work related incident at sea, you need a maritime attorney you can trust to represent your case.

Gourrier Law Firm, PLLC is a firm that represents seaman who have been injured on the job, and will see to it that you receive the treatment and compensation you deserve.

As most boat related injuries occur in areas that are not covered by state worker's compensation laws, getting due coverage from your employer can often turn into a legal battle fast. When such disputes arise, Gourrier Law Firm, PLLC is there to help.

Under the parameters set forth by the Jones Act, injured seamen may be entitled to a variety of benefits if their injury stems from negligence, defective equipment or a variety of other sources. If you injury is the result of any fault of your employer or the vessel itself, Gourrier Law Firm, PLLC will see to it that you receive the maximum benefits of the Jones Act including maintenance, cure and unearned or lost wages.

Don't be deluded into thinking you have no recourse. Get your rights defended and your needs met with the legal defense of Gourrier Law Firm, PLLC.

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